shanky钱德拉为中心,中国和东南亚的研究,尼赫鲁大学,新德里,印度博士学位的学者。他的研究兴趣包括中国现当代科幻小说。他的博士论文的题目是“中国在科幻作家刘慈欣的制作社会政治和文化因素:理解 三体”. Chandra took his B.A. (2011) and M.A. (2013) in Chinese language and literature, and M.Phil. (2016) in Comparative Literature (Dissertation Title: Premchand and Lu Xun: A Comparative Analysis of Two Great Contemporaries, 1918- 1936) from 尼赫鲁大学 at New Delhi, India. In 2013, the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) has awarded the Chinese Government 学者hip 至 shanky钱德拉 for Post Graduate Diploma at Beijing Language & Culture University, (Higher level 1 & 2) 2013-2014. Chandra taught Chinese language and literature at St. Stephen’s College (2014-2019), Delhi University. He completed the Advance Mandarin Teacher Training 程序 from National Taipei University of Education Chinese Language Education Center, Taipei, Taiwan in July 2018. Recently, he spent one year at Department of Modern and Contemporary Chinese Language and Literature at School of Chinese Language and Literature of Beijing Normal University (BNU) as a senior visiting scholar under the supervision of Prof. Wu Yan (HYI fellowship). He is also a member of the International Forum of Chinese Language Teachers (国际汉语教师微信群) and its official Account e-journal (国际汉语教师500强公众号).